As a former law enforcement officer and tech entrepreneur, Mr. Blancett has seen many sides of life. Values that stuck with him the most are hard work, constant learning, and the ability to change according to market conditions—all of which have been crucial to his continued success.


The time is ripe for video website development. This is where Mr. Blancett has focused his attention over the past year.


In 2020, spotting an opening in the market, Mr. Blancett founded BNBIA, Inc. (Building New Business In America). This venture was founded on the notion that business owners wanted a better website with better user experience.


In less than a year, he built BNBIA and BNBIA recently became a partner of WIX.


Even before his many successful business ventures, Mr. Blancett started early as an entrepreneur and leader. Growing up in Louisville, Kentucky, he took the initiative in high school to launch and manage a single-camera morning news show. After finding success, Mr. Blancett went to the school board and lobbied for and earned a $10,000 seed fund to launch a school television station. This would later become White House TV News.


After graduation, Mr. Blancett  joined Dell Computer Corp., where he worked as a senior technician, rewriting and optimizing code.


Mr. Blancett has trained with the FBI, becoming a police firearms instructor and has trained officers across the United States in firearms safety. Following the tragedy of September 11th, 2001, he formed Blancett Security, Inc. After successfully building the firm up, he sold to Brownard, Inc. in 2006.


Always keeping his eye on the future, Mr. Blancett saw a need for better maid service options for the online space. He founded My New Maid, Inc. and in twenty-four short months had over 500 maids operating in Nashville, New York, Florida, and Texas. This venture would later be sold to Texas to Maids Inc. in 2013.


Mr. Blancett would also move into real estate, founding Call the Broker Inc. and becoming a licensed real estate broker in Tennessee, Texas, Florida, and Oregon.




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